Sugaring Back Bar

Sweet & True Professional Sugaring Starter Kit - $269 ($330 Value)


Our Pro Starter Kit contains everything you need to hit the ground running with your sugaring practice. You’ll receive full sized back bar and a couple retail samples that will keep clients coming back for more. Save 18% on this sweet deal! 

  • Pro Sugar Warmer (Valued at $148) 
  • Sugaring Paste (2 - assorted)
  • Citrus Mint Micellar - Cleansing Water
  • Pixie Protection Powder 
  • Botanical Water - Tea Tree & Lavender 
  • Soothing Serum - Chamomile Everlasting 
  • Box of Nitrile Sugaring Gloves (XS,S)*
  • Stainless Steel Brow Sugaring Spatula 
  • Hydrate & Heal Balm -  Lavender Cypress (Retail)
  • True Smoothing Serum (Retail) 
  • Sweet & True Training Manual  (Digital)
  • Product Samples (Varied)

*Please note: Sugaring gloves require a snug fit. If you normally wear a medium you need size small and small you'll need an x-small.