Sugaring Home Care

Free + True Discovery/Travel Set (white mesh bag only)

Glow where you go and experience the entire Free + True Skincare collection at home or on the road. Discover our simplified routines in generous travel size doses. Our discovery set comes in a simple mesh bag for travel. 

  1. Marigold Morning - AM Creamy Gel Cleanser (8 ml)
  2. Ramblin Rose - Soothing Hydrating Serum (5 ml)
  3. Freedom Fighter- Antioxidant Face Oil (5 ml)
  4. Moonlight Milk - PM Balm Cleanser (8 ml)
  5. Moment of Clarity - AHA Complex Toner (5 ml)
  6. Mama Pacha - Moisture Infusion Cream (8 ml)
  7. Raw + Wild - Illumination Honey Mask (8 ml)
  8. White mesh bag