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Sweet & True Deluxe Sugaring Starter Kit


Our Deluxe Starter Kit contains everything you need to hit the ground running with your sugaring practice, and more. You’ll receive full sized back bar and retail products that allow you to experience the entire Sweet & True collection. You’ll be fully equipped to implement our elevated back bar treatments and explore home care recommendations that will keep your clients coming back for more. Save 20% on this sweet deal!

  • Pro Sugar Warmer (Valued at $148) 
  • Sugaring Paste (3 - assorted)
  • Citrus Mint Micellar - Cleansing Water
  • Pixie Protection Powder 
  • Botanical Water - Tea Tree & Lavender 
  • Soothing Serum - Chamomile Everlasting 
  • Box of Nitrile Sugaring Gloves (XS,S)*
  • Face Sugaring Spatula - Stainless Steel 
  • Hydrate & Heal Balm -  Lavender Cypress (Retail)
  • Hydrate & Heal Balm - Sweet Sandalwood (Retail)
  • True Smoothing Serum (Retail) 
  • Amore Body Oil (Retail) 
  • The Daily Mantra - Antioxidant Body Serum (Retail)
  • Body Polish - Lemongrass Scrub (Retail)
  • Body Polish - Blooming Bliss (Retail)
  • Sweet & True Training Manual  
  • Product Samples (Varied)

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