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We host professional sugar waxing certification classes throughout the United States. Please contact us to set up a class at your location, spa or school. We also partner with schools to offer Sweet & True products and training. 

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This hands-on course will teach you the skills you need to have a successful sugaring practice. Our foundational certification is a one day class that will focus on learning to sugar arms, under arms, legs, face, brows and bikini. 

We’ll start the day with theory and product knowledge, then spend most of our time perfecting your sugaring skill set. You'll learn spreading, molding, flicking, and the finger twirl technique. By the end of the day, you will have the foundation needed to sugar full body and facial areas safely and efficiently. As a bonus, we'll demonstrate a Brazilian sugaring service. 

In addition to hands on instruction, you'll receive an exclusive membership to our Sugaring Success Program.  This includes the following benefits: 

  • Complimentary Class Drop-Ins
  • Online Sugaring Tutorials
  • Customer Appreciation Events:
  • 24/7 Support



This hands-on course will teach you the skills you need to safely and efficiently perform Brazilian sugaring. Students must have mastered foundational sugaring techniques before enrolling in this course. 

We’ll start the day reviewing basic sugaring techniques and address any issues you've encountered after the Foundational Certification. Your educator will demonstrate a Brazilian sugaring service and each student will perform 1-2 Brazilians. 

In addition to hands on instruction, you'll receive exclusive access to our online Brazilian training tutorials as you work towards sugar Brazilian mastery. We'll remain available to support your through membership to our Sugaring Success Program while you PRACTICE!



  1. Northern California - San Francisco Bay Area
  2. Southern California -  Los Angeles, Orange County  and San Diego 
  3. Nevada - Las Vegas
  4. Oregon - Portland 
  5. Washington State - Olympia 
  6. Idaho - Boise 
  7. Utah - Salt Lake City 
  8. Texas - Houston, Dallas & Austin 
  9. Oklahoma - Tulsa
  10. Ohio - Cincinnati 
  11. Georgia
  12. Hawaii - Maui

We are currently scheduling our 2020 Sugaring Certification Classes. If you are interested in hosting a class in your area, contact tami@sweetandtruesugaring.com  Thank you! 

Online Sugaring Certification 

Learn foundational sugaring techniques from the comfort of your own treatment room!
Email Tami Blake at tami@sweetandtruesugaring.com to learn more.