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Cincinnati, OH - Foundational Sugaring Certification


Our one day Foundational Sugaring Certification will be held in Cincinnati, OH.

    This hands-on course will teach you the skills you need to have a successful sugaring practice. The basic certification is a one day class that will focus on learning to sugar arms, under arms, legs, face, brows and bikini.

    We’ll start the day with theory and product knowledge, then spend most of our time perfecting your sugaring skill set. You'll learn spreading, molding, flicking, and the finger twirl technique. By the end of the day, you will have the foundation needed to sugar full body and facial areas safely and efficiently.

    Mailette Lopez sugaring for over 10 years. As a spa owner and veteran sugarist, she brings invaluable real world experience to the classroom. 

    In addition to hands on instruction, you'll receive an exclusive membership to our Sugaring Success Program This includes the following benefits: 

    • Complimentary Class Drop-Ins
    • Online Sugaring Tutorials
    • Customer Appreciation Events:
    • 24/7 Support

    TIME: 9AM - 4PM

    LOCATION: 2757 Observatory Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45208

    PREPARATION:  Students must grow out their hair. We will be practicing on each other. 

    KITS: The kits are offered at a discount and can be purchased the day of class. Our Economy Starter Kit contains just enough to begin practicing the art of sugaring. Our Pro Starter Kit contains all back bar products, retail samples and a sugar warmer. Save up to 20% when you purchase a kit.  

    $300 class fee early bird (reg $350)

    Questions?  Email


    Cancellation Policy: Class tuitions are non refundable. As soon as you choose to enroll in a Sweet & True certification course, we share exclusive curriculum & training videos with you. We take your education commitment seriously & start preparing you for success immediately. No Shows are charged a $100 fee & less than 14 day cancellations are charged a $50 fee. The remainder of your balance will be an account credit to be spent on product or a course at a later date. 

    Eligibility Policy (I don't see this on the site and had some inquires)
    You must be a licensed professional or currently enrolled in a n Aesthetic or Cosmetology program to take one of our certification courses. Every course receives a certification. 

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